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Online Community Restaurant Directory

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  Online Community Restaurant Directory business. Love dining out? Share your favorite finds and support local eateries on a community restaurant directory site.

  Business Overview

  Like its print counterpart, an online community restaurant directory features similar information and content as the guide, but in an electronic format. The biggest advantage for restaurant owners to get on board with the program is the fact that this type of directory will give them an online presence without the cost associated with establishing their own Web site. Once again, the Web site can be developed to serve a specific community or city. Or, the site can be indexed by state and serve many communities and cities, the determining factor will be the amount of investment capital you have available to start the business. In exchange for a monthly fee, restaurant owners would receive a listing linked to a pop-up page on the site and you could even provide menu display and online food order options. This type of Web site could be established in a very basic form for a modest investment. However, the more services you can provide both clients and visitors the better, thus a substantial investment will likely be required to get the site operational and profitable.
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