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Honor System Vending Boxes

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  Honor System Vending Boxes business. Put your trust in your clientele by offering items on the honor system.

  Business Overview

  Look no further than starting an honor system vending box business if your goal is to be self-employed and operating a business that has the potential to generate a six-figure yearly income -- not to mention the fact that the business can be set in motion with an initial investment of less than $10,000. Honesty vending boxes are simply predesigned and colorful cardboard boxes that contain snack food items like candy bars, chips and gum for sale on the honor system. This means there's a coin box built into the vending box that doesn't lock, and customers are expected to pay for their purchases on the honor system. Ideal locations to place these boxes are in small- to midsize companies with 50 employees or less. The vending boxes can be put in lunchrooms or reception areas, and are replenished with new stock on a weekly basis. An honor system box vending business is a good choice for entrepreneurs seeking to get into the vending industry on a limited investment basis. It's inexpensive to construct or purchase the boxes used in the business as opposed to purchasing vending machines. There are also more locations that the vending boxes can be located that traditional vending machines can't. Snack products are routinely marked up by 100 percent or more for retail sales so the profit potential is outstanding.
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