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Online Wooden Toys

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  Online Wooden Toys business. If you're a crafty salesman, selling these classic products could become a business.

  Business Overview

  Unite the wooden toy makers of the world by developing a Web site that features wooden toys and games for sale. Fear not if you do not know how to make wooden toys because there are thousands of people and small manufacturing firms worldwide that specialize in designing and making wooden toys. Like any small enterprise , the largest single challenge these entrepreneurs face is marketing and distributing their products. In a nutshell, the Web site would feature all sorts of wooden toys and games constructed by numerous individuals and small-manufacturing firms. You have two options in terms of earning income. The first is to create an online wooden toy store and charge a commission on all sales generated. The second option would be to establish the Web site in a directory format and charge wooden toy makers to be listed in the Web site.
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