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  Online Children's Website business. Give kids a range of online resources, including books and craft ideas.

  Business Overview

  There are literally hundred of options available in terms of developing and operated a Web site that focuses on children's topics and/or services. Here area few suggestions.
  -Create an online directory that posts information about Web sites that operated  by children. The site would also include hyperlinks to the sites featured, and charging a listing fee or selling advertising space would earn revenues.
  -Develop a Web site that features games and puzzles that children can play online.
  -Create an only storybook Website wherein children can place their names into various story themes and print their own storybooks.
  -Start a children's pen pal Web site that enables kids from around the world to select a pen pal and write back and forth online.
  Once again, the options are unlimited in terms of developing a Web site with a children's theme.
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