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  Educational Day Camps business. Field trips still exciting to you?  Make a business out of it.

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  Math, grammar, computer training and arts and crafts can all be included in the curriculum of an education day camp for kids. The camps can be held in day-long format on weekends during school months and throughout the week in summers. The main focus on this type of specialized kid's day camp business is to provide parents with an alternate choice for additional education as opposed to educational tutoring. The day camps can be run as an independent business or in conjunction with a community program or community center. Startup costs for this kind of business will vary as to the operating format and size of the business and will range from a low of $5,000 to a high of $25,000. Be sure to seek legal advice in terms of regulations and certifications that may be required to operate a business specializing in educational day camps for kids in your community prior to establishing the business.
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