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Texas Barbecue

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  Texas Barbecue business. Lasso in hungry crowds with a Texas-style barbecue.

  Business Overview

  Regardless of where you live, a Texas-style barbecue is a surefire hungry crowd pleaser and a great business startup for the entrepreneur looking for a part-time enterprise. Hamburgers, steak on a bun, ribs and hot dogs are just a few of the menu items that can be included. You can operate this type of business from a large tent, and excellent events to cater to include sports events, corporate functions, parades, auction sales, fairs and social events such as family reunion. This type of food service business will need licensing in most areas by the health board, but providing you meet and maintain health board requirements, securing this type of license is easy. In addition to a large tent, you'll also need a commercial barbecue that operates on propane, or even seasoned wood for the true barbecue enthusiast, as well as other basic equipment such as coolers. You can purchase an enclosed trailer or van to transport the equipment to the event you are catering. This is a great part-time business enterprise for anyone with cooking experience to undertake and operate just a few hours each weekend. This can generate profits of $500 or more at a busy event as these types of food products are typically marked up by 400 percent or more for retail sale. Market the business by building alliances with business associations, wedding and event planners, and networking clubs. It won't take long to establish a contact and referral base providing the food and service you provide is excellent.
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