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House Safety Service

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  House Safety Service business. Help parents keep their kids safe while at home by serving as a safety consultant.

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  Statistically, the greatest numbers of injury causing accidents involving children happen at home. This creates a fantastic opportunity to remedy this very real situation as well as start your own business as a professional house safety consultant. Your service can focus on all the household items that can potentially harm children and you can show parents how to secure these household items so accidents don't happen. Establishing the service will require a fair amount of research to educate yourself about harmful household chemicals, cabinet safety latches and overall proper procedures to making a home a safe and child-friendly environment. Begin to market your consulting services by designing and distributing brochures, building alliances with related businesses for referrals and, most important, offer your service for free. Wait, what do you mean free? Exactly that -- provide no-charge in-home consultations to potential clients. Once in the client's home, it'll be your opportunity to blow them away with your knowledge (the old fear sale) on how to make their homes a child friendly environment. By the time you 'free' consulting visit is over, the chances are good that clients will have committed to hundreds of dollars worth of installed safety products and information manuals.
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