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Gourmet Coffee Kiosk

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  Gourmet Coffee Kiosk business. Set up a coffee kiosk in a busy location, and the customers will flow.

  Business Overview

  Millions of cups of coffee are consumed daily in the U.S., and thousands of entrepreneurs are capitalizing financially because of it. And you can, too, by opening a gourmet coffee kiosk. Rent a kiosk in a mall or market location and provide customers with the best coffee and tea selections available from around the world. You can purchase or lease coffee grinding and packaging equipment and offer free samples to coffee and tea enthusiasts as a method to get them acquainted with your products. Unlike a coffee shop that serves brewed coffees and teas along with pastries and snack items, your gourmet coffee kiosk can specialize in selling fresh packaged coffee and tea products to consumers. Purchase the specialty coffees in bulk in bean form, grind it on site and sell it repackaged in smaller quantities. Additionally, be sure to develop your own brand of private label coffee and teas. This can be a method of increasing revenues by establishing wholesale accounts with grocery stores and specialty food retailers to stock and sell your brand name products.
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