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Tie Dye Clothing

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  Tie Dye Clothing business. Keep the '60s alive by creating tie-dye clothing that you can sell at a number of outlets.

  Business Overview

  If history has taught us anything it is that it will repeat itself, and that is certainly the situation in terms of tie-dye clothing, as these popular cultural icons of the 1960s are once again returning to favor as a fashionable clothing option. Creating tie-dye clothing is extremely easy and training books and videos on the subject are available through most craft supply stores. The business can easily be operated from home, and clothing to be tie-dyed can be purchased from clothing manufacturers on a wholesale basis. Once the clothing has been tie-dyed it can be sold to clothing retailers on a wholesale basis, directly to consumers via the Internet, and through sales kiosks located in malls and public markets.
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