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Online Fabric Shop

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  Online Fabric Shop business. Add some texture to your business side with an online shop that's made of good material.

  Business Overview

  Option One: Develop a portal that brings fabric manufacturers and distributors together with fabric retailers via an online fabric directory website. Worldwide there are thousands of fabric manufacturers and fabric retailers, thus an exciting opportunity exists by bringing these two parties together to buy and sell fabric. Revenue could be earned by charging both fabric manufacturers and retailers a fee for using the directory service. You could even create a password application that would enable both to have their own online warehouse, shipping center, inventory control, and tracking system. This type of website would be beneficial to both parties as it would enable them to do business online without the added expense of middlemen, sales consultants and costly marketing campaigns.
  Option Two: Focus on the direct-to-consumer market by creating a website that features fabric for sale. Potential customers include hobby seamstresses, fashion designers, interior decorators and tailors. The site would be easy to create and could feature pictures and descriptions of the various fabrics you sell as well as a price list. Customers would select the fabric they wanted, add it to their shopping cart, make a payment and submit the order, all with a few easy clicks of a mouse button.
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