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  Sleepwear business. This huge market is one you should be able to cozy up to.

  Business Overview

  It's a fact that more than six billion people inhabit this planet and the vast majority of people wear some sort of clothing to bed that was purposely designed for being slept in. That is one gigantic potential marketplace, thus creating an exciting business opportunity. There are various options available for starting this business, so consider these options:
-Purchase various styles of sleepwear on a wholesale basis and host in-home sleepwear parties that generate orders for your products.
-Design and manufacture your own line of sleepwear and wholesale your products to retailers.
-Create a sleepwear website that enables visitors to create their own sleepwear by selecting style, size and fabric.
-Design and sell patterns used for creating sleepwear and let consumers sew their own from the patterns.
-Secure the licensing rights to popular children's program characters or themes and incorporate them into sleepwear for kids.
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