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  Home Office Resource Guide business. Working from home can be isolating. Help home workers thrive with a specialized guide.

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  Are you looking to start a business that can be set in motion with a minimal capital investment, operated from a home office and has the potential to be expanded across North America over a very short period of time with unlimited income potential? If so, perhaps starting a community resource guide for home based business owners and home based employees is the right business venture for you. The business is very straightforward: Simply design a resource guide that features information on local services, products and associations that'll be of benefit to home based employees and business owners. The resource guide can be published on a semiannual or annual basis and can be supported by two different revenue streams. The first source of revenue for the community home based business owner resource guide is generated by way of advertising sales. Local companies can purchase advertising space in the resource guide in the format of an eighth of a page, a quarter of a page or a full-page advertisement. The second source of revenue for the resource guide is by way of sales of the guide. Currently, similar small business resource books are selling in the range of $25 to $50 each. The guide can be sold through local business associations as well as on a wholesale basis to local retailers. Additional revenue for this type of business can be gained by also starting or implementing a chapter of a home based business association currently not represented in your community. Overall, this business will take careful planning and research to establish; however, the rewards both personally and financially can be worth the effort.
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