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  Business Card CD-ROMS business.

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  Do you want to get into a business that is on the cutting edge of technology and has unlimited upside potential market growth? If so, look no further than starting a business that designs and produces business card CD-ROMs. Business card CD-ROMs are simply a smaller version of a standard CD-ROM and are approximately the size of a business card. Additionally, this mini CD-ROMs can be die cut into virtually any shape, and played on any standard disk drive. Best of all, you can add graphics and sound, and they hold the equivalent of about 100 pages of typed information. Now that is a high-tech highly effective business card. There is a learning curve to overcome in terms of creating the end product. However, the business could always be approached as a joint venture with other businesses or individuals in the industry. In my opinion there is only one way to market business card CD-ROMs. Simply create a killer sample card and set appointments with business owners and professionals to present your talents via a laptop computer. One look at the sampling and they will sign up for an initial order of 500 or more.
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