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1-900 Telephone Lines

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  1-900 Telephone Lines business. Charge customers a fee to call and listen to prerecorded or live messages, including astrological readings.

  Business Overview

  In spite of the fact that 1-900 telephone services have lost some of their appeal in the past few years, many still continue to thrive and generate excellent profits for the operators of the 1-900 service. For anyone who is not familiar with a 1-900 telephone service, it is simply a business that charges customers a fee to call the service and listen to prerecorded or live messages and conversations via the telephone. Themes for 1-900 telephone services include lucky lottery numbers by phone, astrological readings, psychic readings, and singles dating. Generally, the caller is charged by the minute that he or she is on the phone, and the fees can range from $1 to $4 per minute. Once again, 1-900 telephone services have lost much of their appeal for callers in recent years, thanks mainly to the popularity of the Internet. However, for the determined entrepreneur with a popular theme, good profits can still be earned.
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