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  Telemarketing Service business. Don't call people during dinner and you could ring in the profits with this service.

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  Excellent telephone and communications skills coupled with a take-no-prisoners attitude can earn you a small fortune operating a telemarketing service. Best of all, the business can be operated from the comforts of a homebased office. Professional telemarketers are in high demand, simply because they get results, and companies have no hesitation paying top dollar to secure a telemarketing service to promote or sell their products and services via the telephone. Rates vary, however, most telemarketing services charge a fee for each call made, and additional fees if products or services are sold or appointments booked. Securing clients for the service is very straightforward, and as an initial promotion, consider offering your telemarketing services for free and only charging for results. A client will have nothing to lose by using your service, as you will only get paid if you're earning them money or booking appointments for their sales professionals. Potential income range is $20 to $50 per hour.
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