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Digital Video E-Mail Terminals

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  Digital Video E-Mail Terminals business. Develop internet video e-mail terminals equipped with a web cam so that users can send video e-mails.

  Business Overview

  Are you searching for a truly unique business opportunity that will place you at the forefront of the computer and technology industry? If so, perhaps you should consider developing Internet video e-mail terminals equipped with a Web cam that enables the user to send video e-mails. The video e-mail terminals can be located in high-traffic community gathering places such as airports, train stations, bus depts., and cruise ships. The unique feature of the video e-mail terminals are that instead of placing telephone calls to friends and family, users of the terminals can send video and audio e-mails to friends and family members. The e-mails would be received by the recipient and opened as an attachment file when checking e-mail. The terminals can take credit card and debit card payments from consumers using the service, and revenue split or location fee could be paid to the owner of operator of the building where the terminals are installed. Web cams are common and Internet terminals are common. To date I am not aware of any company that has combined these technologies and created a video e-mail terminal. The concept is fresh and obviously will require a lot of planning and research, not to mention investment capital. However, perhaps this type of communications system will someday replace the public pay telephone.
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