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Computer Kiosk Designer

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  Computer Kiosk Designer business. Design and construct the computer kiosks becoming prevalant nearly everywhere, from movie theaters to grocery stores.

  Business Overview

  Computer kiosks are popping up everywhere in North America: movie theaters, malls, retail stores and grocery stores. Starting a business that designs and constructs specialty kiosks to house computer equipment is a fantastic new business venture to set in motion. The main requirement for operating this type of specialized manufacturing business is to have a good working knowledge of construction, as well as the ability to work in various material mediums. The business can be based from a well equipped home workshop with a truck, van, or trailer for local delivery of the kiosks. Securing contracts for designing and manufacturing the kiosks can be accomplished by building a few samples, creating a marketing brochure and distributing the marketing material to potential clients in need of this kind of product. Once established, this type of specialty manufacturing business can prove to be very profitable.
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