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  Online Office Tower business.

  Business Overview

  Restrictive financial budgets do not enable many professionals providing business services the ability to create and maintain their own Web site. This creates a fantastic opportunity for the cybersavy entrepreneur to capitalize financially by developing an online office tower that services the local community. An online office tower is simply a collection of professional service providers that serve a particular city or community located in one Web site. In exchange for being featured in the site the client pays a low cost annual fee that includes one time setup, site hosting, and ongoing site maintenance. Ideally each professional would receive a bold headline in the main index that is linked to a page within the site. The professional's page could give details about the service they provide as well as information about how to contact them. Designing this type of Web site will let you be very creative and you will be able to add some really spectacular graphics and images, perhaps even a elevator attendant that whisks visitors to each individual page within the site. Once you have an operational Web site model established, the business could easily be expanded on a franchise or license basis to service every major city across the United States and Canada.
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