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Technology Employment Agent

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  Technology Employment Agent business. Connect workers skilled in technology with employers in need of help.

  Business Overview

  Baseball players have agents, writers have agents and an agent represents even animals that appear on film. So why not start a business that specializes in representing people with computer and technology skills as their agent. High-tech, computer, and Internet companies are scrambling to find skilled employee with technology skills, and the wages paid are entering the stratosphere, not to mention the many benefits and perks that are also offered. A software designer being paid $150,000 per year may be worth twice that amount to a competing software development company, and the designer may not even realize it. The duty of the agent is to seek out and secure the best contract for the client, or in this case, the position that pays twice as much. Billing rates for the service can be by way of a predetermined fee, by a commission based on the valued of the contract secured and paid by the client, or by the company that wishes to retain the services of the client. The profit potential is outstanding.
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