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  E-Bargains business. Help people save a buck by compiling online deals in one spot.

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  Simply put, you compile an e-mail address list of people that would like to receive your weekly e-bargains newsletter that features discounts on a wide variety of consumer products and services. There are no membership fees or costs associated with receiving the newsletter. It's absolutely free of charge. Income and profits are earned by selling a very limited number of advertising spaces to online merchants and service providers that want access to your newsletter subscribers. In addition to paying the advertising fee, merchants and service providers must also agree that the products and service that are advertised in the e-bargain newsletter will be at least 10 percent less than the normal retail price. You can also spice up the newsletter by including trivia questions, games, jokes or any other interesting content. Be sure to comply with anti-spam regulations remove anyone from your e-mail list that requests so. Securing just five advertisers per week each paying $50 will create a yearly income in excess of $10,000, and best of all this can be accomplished with a part-time effort of less than 10 hours of work each week.
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