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  Website Design business. Nearly every business needs a website. Use your skills to help businesses generate online traffic.

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  More than 1,000 Web sites a day are being posted to the Internet, and here is your chance to cash in by starting a web site design service. Fear not if you do not know to design a highly effective Web site. You can take a crash course in Web site design at your local community college or, failing that, you can hire a high-tech wizard to design the sites while you concentrate your efforts on sales and marketing. Online competition in Web site design and service is steep; thus you may want to take a more hands-on approach to marketing the service right in your own city or community. Start by designing a few sample sites'one in an e-commerce format and one as an information portal. The next step is to initiate a let-yourself and your service to small business owners in your community that currently do not have a business Web site. The goal is to get a presentation with a notebook computer you can meet with business owners, present your sample sites, and explain the benefits of your Web site design service.
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