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Antique Radios

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  Antique Radios business. iPods may be convenient, but they can't compete with the nostalgia of antique radios.

  Business Overview

  Purchasing, refinishing and selling antique radios is a home based business that can be started by just about anyone on a full- or part-time basis. Antique radios are highly sought-after pieces of furniture, especially if they're in working order and the cabinets have been restored to their former glory. Many collectors of antique radios are prepared to pay as much as $2,000 for the perfect specimen. The main requirement needed to make this business successful, beyond the ability to refinish and repair the radios, will be time. It'll take a substantial amount of time to scour flea markets, garage sales and auctions to locate the antique radios to be refinished and sold. Marketing the finished products can be by way of the internet, antiques and craft shows and antiques auctions, not to mention word-of-mouth.
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