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  Online Spa Directory business. Make spa-going even more enjoyable with an easily accessible online directory.

  Business Overview

  Worldwide there are thousands of health and beauty spas that cater to just about any health or beauty treatment or need imaginable. Thus an outstanding opportunity exists to develop an online directory featuring world spas. The directory Web site would have to be indexed both geographically and by spa type for visitor search purposes. However, this is a relatively easy programming task to accomplish. For an annual listing fee, spa operators would receive a headline in the directory index that is linked to a pop-up page that gives visitors details and information, such as services provided, location, and contact information. Sales consultants from around the globe can be employed to solicit spa owners to join the directory. These sales consultants can be remunerated by way of commission. Promote the site in print publications related to health and beauty topics, as well as by utilizing Internet marketing and promotion techniques, such as search engine registrations, hyperlinks, and banner advertisements.
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