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Cosmetics Retailing

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  Cosmetics Retailing business. With even men and children becoming more interested in cosmetics, this large market is one worth considering.

  Business Overview

  The sales of cosmetics generate billions of dollars every year worldwide, and starting a business selling cosmetics is just about as straightforward as a new business venture can get. There are numerous ways to sell cosmetics and make a profit. However, in the spirit of being unique, we'll analyze one segment of the cosmetic sales industry that can generate huge profits in a few different ways. The business can be set in motion for less than a $5,000 initial startup investment. Locate a manufacturer of cosmetic products who doesn't have representation in your community, state or even country. Negotiate an exclusive contract to represent and distribute their cosmetic products in the desired area. Once the distribution contract has been secured, the cosmetics can be sold to retailers on a wholesale basis. Or you can hire a direct sales team whose main focus is in-home sales of the cosmetics. Both approaches have the potential to generate enormous sales and profits.
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