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Medical Seat Cushions

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  Medical Seat Cushions business. Most people take sitting for granted. Make it more comfortable for patients to sit with medical seat cushions.

  Business Overview

  Millions of people commute back and forth to work each day in agony, suffering everything from back problems to hip and joint problems. Starting a business that sells specialty automotive medical seat cushions may prove to be very profitable and make you a superstar with commuters. The business is very easy to establish and operate. The first step is to locate a manufacturer of medical seat cushions. This can be accomplished by harnessing the power of the internet for research purposes, or by acquiring a manufacturers directory. Once you've found a few manufacturers, aim to secure an exclusive distribution contract for their products in the area your business will operate. The seat cushions can be sold directly to consumers by way of mail order and the internet, as well as by setting up a sales kiosk or booth at car shows and automotive trade shows. The profit potential for this type of enterprise is excellent, as the seat cushions can easily be marked up by 100 percent or more for retail sales.
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