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  Online Community Coupons business. Everyone loves a bargain -- especially one easily found online.

  Business Overview

  Watch out, websites featuring discount coupons are becoming the hottest trend for bricks and mortar retailers to combat internet cyberretailing. Develop a community coupon website; simply charge local merchants in the community to post discount coupons and specials on the site. Residents in the local area would simply log onto the site and print coupons that are of interest to them. In terms of making money, I would suggest that you charge participating merchants a monthly fee. This fee could include designing and posting a coupon page within the site as well as a fixed number of coupon changes each month. Of course, for those of you with ASP programming skills or deep pockets, participating merchants could be issued a password enabling them to update their own coupon page. This method would be more costly to create initially but less costly and work intensive to maintain over time. If this option is chosen and a few page tools were included for users, the site could be easily duplicated and operated in every major city across North America on a franchise basis.
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