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Online E-Logo Design

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  Online E-Logo Design business. Make businesses' websites more appealing by creating eye-catching logos.

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  Designing corporate and product logos for free has the potential to earn you $25,000 or more each year with only a part-time effort. How? you may be wondering. Simply start surfing the web for corporate or product logos that could be improved upon or for companies and products that don't have an eye-catching logo. Next, design new logos for this same corporation. When the logo is complete, simply send it to the company via e-mail with a letter or presentation package describing your service and the fact that if they should choose to use the logo or would like to purchase it, the cost would be ___. Yes, in some cases you will be working for free. However, providing the logo you have designed is eye catching and represents the business or product well, in most cases you will get paid for your work. A gamble? Yes, but considering the business can be started for very little and will cost next to nothing to operate, you only have a little bit of time on the line.
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