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Correspondence and Training Manuals

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  Correspondence and Training Manuals business. If you have time, patience and an interest in repeat clients, start a business producing correspondence and training manuals for businesses, schools and other organizations.

  Business Overview

  Every year in North America, millions of people take part in correspondence and training courses at home, and starting a desktop publishing business that designs and produces correspondence and training manuals is an outstanding new business venture to set in motion. Clients for the business can include all levels of schools, companies with employees that work from home, government agencies and just about any other business or organization that requires manuals to be produced on a yearly basis. This is the type of desktop publishing business that will take time and patience to establish. However, once the business is established, many clients will potentially become yearly repeat clients, and a special focus to detail and service should be placed on ensuring  clients do indeed become repeat clients.
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