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TV Listings Magazine

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  TV Listings Magazine business. Tune in to the business opportunities of selling ads to local merchants and service providers for a TV listings magazine.

  Business Overview

  Profit from the fast-paced entertainment industry by starting your own weekly TV listing magazine. The magazine can be distributed free of charge throughout the community and supported by selling display advertising space to local merchants and service providers. In addition to weekly TV program listings, the magazine can also feature crossword puzzles, celebrity profiles and a list of upcoming community events and activities. To keep distributing costs to a minimum, establish outlets for the magazine, such as convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores where residents can pick up the publication while shopping or dining. You can obtain TV programming schedules and reprint rights from media providers such as Tribune Media Services. This business opportunity is perfect for the entrepreneur with a publishing or sales background, and the business can easily be operated from a home based location. Contracting out the printing and distribution of the magazine will enable you to start this business on an initial investment of less than $10,000, and once established, the business could even be franchised and expanded into new geographic regions of the country.
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