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Disposal Bin Service

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  Disposal Bin Service business. This takes a little bit of cash upfront, but if there's one thing we're never short of, that's trash.

  Business Overview

  The home renovation and construction industry creates an enormous amount of waste each year that has to be disposed of into landfill sites or taken to recycling facilities for a renewed lease on life. There are a few different approaches that you can take in terms of starting and operating a disposal bin service. The first and more traditional approach is to own and operate your own roll-off or winch truck that is used in the transportation, delivery, and pickup of the disposal bins. The second option is to own only the disposal bins and subcontract the delivery and pickup service to a trucking firm. The second option is less expensive in terms of start-up capital requirements.
  However, it will also generate less revenue and profit for the business. The third, and maybe most interesting approach is to use tandem-axle trailers, which can be purchased secondhand relatively inexpensively, and can be towed behind any one-ton pickup truck. This third option enables you to enter into a waste disposal service with less money, while controlling all aspects of the business and revenues. Disposal rates are generally charged on a flat fee basis that is based on distance traveled, plus the cost of disposing of the construction waste.
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