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Closet Organizers

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  Closet Organizers business. You can never have too many shoes, right? Well if that's your attitude, you'll need to help others stay organized.

  Business Overview

  Selling and installing closet organizers is a very inexpensive business you can start and make a pretty darn good living at. Closet organizers are very popular and relatively easy to install. All that is required are a few basic hand tools and reliable transportation. You can market your service to homebuilders and home renovators, as well as directly to the end consumer via trade shows and weekend mall kiosk displays. There is competition in this industry, so you may want to specialize in one particular brand of closet organizer or become a manufacturer's exclusive sales and installation representative. The potential profit range for this type of home improvement business will vary. However, an income of $40,000 per year is easily attainable.
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