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  Stress Management Courses business. We live in a high stress world. Helping others deal with it can put you on Easy Street.

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  During the 1970s, many futurists were predicting that due to the rapid gains in technology, the average workweek would shrink to only 30 hours by the year 2000. I wonder if these same futurists are now rubbing their heads in disbelief. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average American employed full-time is now working 47 hours per week, as opposed to 42 hours per week in the 1970s. This fact, coupled with an increased workload and potential financial and family complications, makes it no wonder that the average person is at the end of their rope and suffering from stress-related health problems. Without question, starting a business that assists people in learning how to cope with stress and how to avoid stressful situations is a business venture with an unlimited number of potential clients. The marketing of the stress management classes could be targeted at individuals seeking to reduce or eliminate stress from their daily lives. However, seeking corporate clients for the stress management courses may be a preferred approach, as you would have the ability to gain perhaps as many as ten clients with the same amount of marketing effort and costs put toward gaining one individual client. The business can be conducted from a home based or rental office location, or the stress management classes could be held at the client's business or home location. As with any instructional business, the key to success is to develop an exclusive course manual and program for your clients to use and follow. By developing your own program, you become the owner of the information. And should the program become very popular, it could become an excellent opportunity to put the program into print or electronic format and market the product worldwide.
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