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  Acting Lessons business. If you've got the acting chops to teach others, trust us, there are a lot of stars waiting to be discovered.

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  Calling all actors, part-time actors, agents, production crew members, or producers. Why not share your experience, skills and knowledge with the millions of other people who are seeking to start a career in the acting profession or the TV and film production industry, and start your own instruction business in your field of expertise? The instruction classes could focus on acting, TV, and film industry in general, or could focus on more specific sections of the industry, such as how to audition for a film role or how to become a production grip. Training classes and seminars could be held on an independent basis or be provided to students in conjunction with community programs or related school programs. This type of instruction business is very inexpensive to establish; yet the income potential even on a part-time basis is outstanding.
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