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Interior Decorating Service

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  Interior Decorating Service business. What makes a house a home is the details. If you have the gift to make a room complete, you could be on the road to financial independence.

  Business Overview

  Starting an interior decorating service is the perfect business enterprise for the person that has artistic abilities and a creative flair. Generally, certification from a recognized institution in the field of interior decoration and design is required. However, the service can be launched without the certificate, but it will be much better received by potential clients as a professional service with proper accreditation. Not required is a lot of startup investment, as equipment purchases are minimal and the business can be operated from a home based or shared office location. Most interior decorators prefer to specialize in providing either a commercial or residential decorating service. Residential decorators establish alliances with new homebuilders and renovation contractors as a method to gain access to their clients. Commercial decorators generally build alliances with commercial property managers and commercial contractors and architects. Home and garden trade shows are also a fantastic forum to promote the service and collect sales leads. Starting this business will require a great deal of patience and time, but with good business and design skills utilized, the determined entrepreneur can establish a very rewarding and profitable business providing interior decorating services.
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