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  Home Improvement Directory business. It's often said that good help is hard to find. Well, put together a home improvement directory and make that statement passe.

  Business Overview

  The basis of this business opportunity is straightforward. Home improvement contractors pay you a fee to advertise and promote their services and products in you annual home improvement directory. You create the directory in print or CD-ROM format and distribute the directory free of charge in the community that the home improvement directory is intended to serve. The directory can be distributed via home and garden shows and a local promotion tied in with a newspaper or TV/radio station. This new business venture could not only prove to be very profitable, but also lends itself perfectly to expand nationally on a franchise basis, once a working model has been proved successful. Start-up costs will vary depending on factors such as print or electronic directory format, etc. However, this venture will not require more than $25,000 in initial capital to get it rolling.
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