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Window Sash Mirrors

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  Window Sash Mirrors business.

  Business Overview

  Every year millions of old wood windows are replaced in houses, and these old and often discarded wood window frames have the ability to generate incredible profits, providing they are turned into beautifully refinished wooden sash mirrors. The mirrors are very easy to make. Simply remove all the glass and putty from the window frame, and sand and refinish the frame in a stain or natural finish. Once this has been accomplished, place clear or tinted mirrors into the wooden window frame, and presto!'you have a highly saleable product ready to command top dollar. The mirrors can be sold at flea markets, craft shows, and through retailers, such as antique shops and gift stores, on a consignment basis. This is an ideal business venture to be started by someone who is seeking a low-investment homebased business opportunity that can generate a fantastic part-time income and still allow you to maintain a full-time job.
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