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Custom Doorsteps

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  Custom Doorsteps business. If you love making the first impression, it doesn't get any better in the home industry than custom doorsteps.

  Business Overview

  Now here is a unique and interesting business opportunity. Manufacturing custom designer doorstops is a very easy and straightforward business venture to set in motion. The key to success in this type of manufacturing venture is that the doorstops must be unique in design, and the marketing methods employed must be innovative and clever. The demand for custom and one-of-a-kind home improvement and home-decorating items is gigantic, and this is the kind of product that has real potential to catch on in a big way. The doorstops could be fashioned after antique doorstops, or they could be manufactured from 100 percent recycled materials. The options for manufacturing doorstops are endless and only limited by imagination. Marketing methods that can be utilized are to establish wholesale accounts with national retailers, and the custom doorstops can also be sold directly to high-end homebuilders, architects, and interior designers.
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