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Rubber Stamps

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  Rubber Stamps business. Love crafts? Get into the rubber stamp business.

  Business Overview

  In spite of the popularity of easy to make and print computerized labels, there will always be a market for rubber stamps that are used for business purposes, as well as in the hobby craft industry. Starting a business that manufactures predesigned rubber stamps is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.
  1. Research the industry, market, and business.
  2. Establish a manufacturing process, and secure retail accounts for the stamps.
  3. Manufacture the stamps and ship to retailers. The key to success in manufacturing rubber stamps is to be unique and make the stamps interesting. In addition to the traditional business rubber stamps, also manufacture stamps for use in crafts and for personal use. Right now, animal stamps are very popular and feature just about every kind of animal.
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