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Antenna Ornaments

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  Antenna Ornaments business. This is a great low-cost startup for those seeking an artistic outlet with easy entry.

  Business Overview

  Automobile antenna ornaments have become really popular; depicting everything from a cactus with a cowboy hat to cattails. Starting a business that manufactures antenna ornaments is a very easy and low-cost business enterprise to launch. Some of the best aspects about this type of manufacturing business start-up are that the business can be started on a part-time basis and easily operated right from a small homebased workshop. Ideally, the ornaments will be sold on a wholesale basis to national and specialty retailers. The antenna ornaments can also be sold directly to consumers via the Internet, and some clever advertising and marketing. Maintaining a 100 percent markup on all sales and generating revenues of $50,000 per year will create a gross profit of $25,000 per year for the business.
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