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Air Freshener Manufacturing

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  Air Freshener Manufacturing business. Your world could smell like roses if you started an air freshener manufacturing business.

  Business Overview

  Gel packs, mist sprays, scented products, and air fresheners can come in many forms. Manufacturing air fresheners is simple, and there are many books dedicated to the subject. Harness the power of the Internet for research purposes to locate books and how-to manuals about creating air fresheners. It will be best to shy away from using chemical compounds in creating the air fresheners and stick to natural and organic ingredients. The air fresheners can be sold to retailers on a wholesale basis or directly to consumers by displaying your products at home and garden shows, as well as automobile shows. The start-up costs are low for this business. It can be operated from a well-vented home workshop, and through trial and error you can potentially create an air freshener product and scent that will appeal to a mass market.
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