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Cabinet Door Replacements

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  Cabinet Door Replacements business. Cabinetry businesses offer many different services and products. Find your niche through door replacement.

  Business Overview

  The average new kitchen costs in the range of $20,000 to install, not including appliances. Not everyone can afford this expensive home improvement; however, it only costs a few thousand dollars to update a kitchen's look with new cabinet doors and hardware. Starting this business does not require a great deal of expertise or capital, and you can generally be completely ready to roll for under a $5,000 investment. It talked to one very crafty gentleman in this business. His solution to building a client base fast was to hold a contest, which he advertised, in his local paper. The contest was for a free kitchen update. You sent in pictures of your existing ugly kitchen and why you thought it needed an updated look. In the first two weeks, he had more than 100 entries for the contest, complete with name, address, and telephone numbers. Not only did he choose a winner and install the kitchen update for free, more importantly he had a base of more than 100 potential customers that he could now market to, as he knew that they were in the market for his type of service.
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