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Instant Clothesline

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  Imagine yourself sitting in a garden. It is summer, there is a slight breeze, and there's a clothesline somewhere with white linen sheets that are gently dancing in the sun.
  Eeek. Wait a minute. Nobody had the time to wash. You were to lazy (remember, it's summer), but your mother-in-law, wife, husband, and kids didn't come to the rescue. So you're just sitting there. It is hot (remember, it's summer), the garden seems kinda naked and the wind is unnerving...
  Introduce: The instant clothesline. Remember those tiny towels that are preshrunk and that you need to put into water before use? The instant clothesline is similar - it's a line with the sheets already on it, just make it wet, unroll, attach to two trees, and voila, here you go. Ahhh, summer peace at last...
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