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  Demolition Service business.

  Business Overview

  A demolition service is a fantastic business venture to set in motion  -  not the traditional large-scale demolition service  -  but a small demolition service that specializes in residential and commercial renovation projects. What makes this a great business opportunity is simple. Contractors and renovation companies typically will carry out the demolition needed to get started on the rebuilding process involved with a renovation. The problem, however, is the fact that these companies are often forced to pay over-qualified carpenters' huge salaries for doing the demolition work that could be completed by laborers receiving a much lower hourly rate. The results often mean less revenues and profits for the contractor. Herein lies the business opportunity: Forming a crew of construction laborers and subcontracting for renovation companies and contractors for demolition work has the potential to pay off big. Paying the crew $8 to $10 per hour each, while charging the contractors $15 per man-hour can leave you with a profit of $30 per hour based on a five-man demolition crew. Operate two or three crews and the profit potential increases dramatically. Note: Be sure to acquire workers' compensation insurance for employees and general liability insurance to safeguard against the costs of potential accidents.
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