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Sunroom Installation

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  Sunroom Installation business. Are you handy building things? Create an inner oasis -- and a lucrative business -- by installing sunrooms.

  Business Overview

  The addition of a sunroom is a terrific way for many homeowner to increase living space, add an all-season retreat, and increase the value of their home for a relatively low investment. Sunrooms have become of the most popular home improvement projects in the past decade, and this fact is what makes starting a sunroom sales and installation business such a wise choice for a new business enterprise. There are basically two options available in terms of starting this business. The first is to locate a manufacturer that designs and prebuilds kit sunrooms that can be sold and installed at customers' homes, and negotiate an exclusive dealer's agreement with manufacture. The second option is to design and build custom sunrooms to meet customers' need and requirements. In both cases, a building permit is generally required in all regions of North America for the installation of a sunroom, so be sure to check local building codes and regulations before you get started. Sunrooms are very easy to build and install and only require basic construction knowledge. For anyone wishing to start this business and does not have any construction experience, you can always hire qualified subcontractors to carry out the installations while you concentrate on sales, marketing and management aspects of the business. Home and garden trade shows are fantastic venues to dsplay your products and more importantly, collect qualified sales leads. Like most renovation and construction ventures, you should strive to maintain a 50 percent markup on all products and services you sell. Using this pricing formula will result in a 33 percent gross profit margin on sales prior to operating costs and taxes.
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