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  Fireplace Installations business. Homeowners will cozy up to this installation service.

  Business Overview

  Wood-burning, gas, and alternative fuels  -  you can sell and install all of these types of home fireplaces if you are considering starting a fireplace sales and installation business. The best way to operate and market this kind of new business venture is with the assistance of a fully operational fireplace showroom. There are hundreds of fireplace options, mantel options and fireplace accessories options for homeowners to choose from, and a retail showroom is the best way to display these products and build customer interest. Consideration for this type of retail and installation business include business location, qualified installation staff, and liability insurance, just to mention a few. Be sure to utilize home and garden trade shows for exhibiting purposes, as they are wonderful forums for collecting qualified sales leads. The profit potential will greatly vary for a fireplace sales and installation business. However, there should be no problems maintaining profit margins of 25 to 35 percent on all retail sale. Fireplace installation rates are currently in the range of $35 to $60 per hour, all of which adds up to a potentially profitable business opportunity for the resourceful entrepreneur who is prepared to work hard.
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