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Graffiti Removal Service

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  Graffiti Removal Service business. Nothing drives a business owner crazy life graffiti on their storefront. With graffiti problems abound, they'll be thankful your business came along.

  Business Overview

  The time has never been better than now to start a graffiti removal service. Why? Simply because graffiti is everywhere; on the walls of buildings, sidewalks, and fences. Starting this new business venture does not require a great deal of working experience, and the market for this service is unlimited, untapped, and graffiti vandalism shows no sign of slowing down or stopping. The equipment required for this business enterprise will be a portable pressure washer and a portable sandblaster, both of which can be conveniently mounted on a trailer for easy transportation to job sites. Successfully marketing a graffiti removal service is best accomplished by visiting businesses that are often the victims of graffiti vandalism and offering the business owners a low-cost graffiti removal solution. Provide the business owners with a monthly graffiti removal option; meaning, for a fixed monthly fee, you will check in on the business once per week to see if there is any new graffiti to be removed. If new graffiti is present, you would simply remove the graffiti. If no graffiti is present then you would move on to your next client's location. A graffiti removal service could easily generate sales in excess of $6,000 per month, which could be achieved by securing only 100 customers paying an ongoing monthly fee of $60 to ensure that their business never has to worry about unsightly graffiti on their buildings. Additionally, a graffiti removal service could be marketed to schools, libraries, and all other agencies and associations that have problems with graffiti vandalism.
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