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Zinc Strips And Moss Removal

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  Zinc Strips And Moss Removal business. Do you live in a wet area? Then a zinc strip and moss removal business may be for you.

  Business Overview

  The biggest requirement to starting a zinc strip and moss removal service is that you must live in a wet and rainy area of the country where moss accumulations on rooftops can cause building and structure problems. Providing this requirement is met, the business is very easy to set in motion. Simply put, this business venture involves removing moss from rooftops and installing moss preventative zinc strips and flashing. The fastest and most economical way to market this service is to design a highly effective informational flier explaining the benefits of moss removal and prevention, as well as your service. Distribute the fliers to homes and businesses in your community that have a visible moss problem. Providing you have included the right information in the marketing flier, it will not take long for the phone to start ringing and profits to start coming in. Potential income range is $20 to $30 per hour, plus a markup on installed moss prevention zinc products, such as ridge strips and flashings.
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