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Mobile Paint Spraying

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  Mobile Paint Spraying business. Go ahead, paint the town whatever color you like. It'll be easy with a mobile paint spraying business.

  Business Overview

  Prior to researching information for this book, I did not even realize that there was such a business as a mobile paint spraying service. However, there is, and it can be a very profitable business to start and manage. The business, in a nutshell, is just as it sounds: providing paint spraying services to clients on a mobile basis. The enterprise can be operated in two fashions. The first is to use an enclosed trailer or truck to house the equipment, as well as to use as a mobile paint-spraying booth. The second option is to transport the paint spraying equipment in a smaller truck or trailer and paint items outside utilizing portable walls that, when erected, form a mini paint-spraying booth. Both operating methods are extremely effective. However, the latter is less expensive in terms of start-up investment. Mobile paint spraying services can be marketed to both residential homeowners and business owners. The following list is just a few items that can be included in your promotional brochures as items that can be spray painted.
  *. Fencing
  *. Wood siding
  *. Garden equipment
  *. Appliances
  *. Handrails
  *. Flag poles
  *. Metal roofing
  *. Store fixtures
  *. Patio furniture
  *. Steel boats
  *. Signs
  *. Trailers
  *. Construction equipment
  *. Concrete floors
  *. Outdoor toys
  *. Parking lot lines The income potential will greatly vary for this type of unique service. However, the companies I contacted that provided mobile paint spraying services all quoted rates over the telephone in the range of $35 to $50 per hour, plus the additional costs of paint.
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