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  Gutter Protection business. Help clients never have to clean their gutters again with a gutter protection service.

  Business Overview

  Do you want to make $50,000 or more per year, and be independent within a week from now? If so, then starting a gutter protection business may be exactly the type of new business enterprise that you have been searching for. What is a gutter protection business? Gutter protection is a product that quickly snaps into place over the top of four- and five-inch gutters. Once installed, gutter protection allows water to pass into the gutter, but not debris, such as leaves and small branches. Of course, the greatest benefit to a product like this is the fact that the homeowner no longer has to risk life and limb on a ladder to clean the rain gutters two or three times per year. If this product is so easy to install, then why would the homeowners not simply install it themselves? Because of the fact that many homeowners do not even realize that this product is available, and because it still requires a lot of ladder work to install. To effectively market this product and service, you will want to design and distribute a promotional and informational flier. The flier should highlight all the benefits of having this product installed, as well as indicate your contact information for your business. A demonstration booth, which can be assembled for use at home and garden shows and malls, is a fantastic way not only to demonstrate the product benefits, but also to generate sales leads from potential customers. The following are reasons why a homeowner should have this product installed; you may want to include these benefits in all advertising and promotional information that you create for the business:
  *. No more cleaning rain gutters yourself or hiring people to do so, which saves money and time.
  *. No more risking personal injury by having to clean your rain gutters from an unstable ladder.
  *. Debris prevented from entering your home's drainage system, which can eliminate any chance of costly repairs to the drainage system.
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