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  Balloon Service business. Learn a few basic configurations, and you can start a balloon service.

  Business Overview

  With an investment of less than $1,000 you can start a part-time party balloon service and earn big profits on weekends and during holidays. Depending on your goals and ambition, you could even turn the business into a full-time lucrative going concern. Corporate events, grand openings, children's birthday parties, special occasions, graduations, retailer sales, weddings and community events -- the demand for party balloons is gigantic and continually growing. Marketing a party balloon service is best achieved by creating a basic yet detailed brochure describing your service and rates. Distribute it to party and event planners, wedding planners, children's stores, restaurants, banquet facilities, day-care centers and catering companies. There are also many balloon manufacturers and printers who offer custom balloon printing services so you can also sell direct to businesses that want to advertise sales and special events with their names and logos featured on the balloons. Great add-on services to increase revenues include a party cleanup service, streamer and decoration supplies and event-planning services, especially for children's birthday parties. You will need reliable transportation and basic equipment, such as helium tanks for gas-filled balloons, and air compressors for blowing up cold-air balloons. But don't worry- this type of equipment is cheap to buy or rent and readily available in every community.
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